Who is this gal?




Mother of 5 and married over 20 years, Roseanne Service has served as a stake Primary president and currently serves as an Assistant District Commissioner for the Boy Scouts of America in Queen Creek, Arizona. 

In 2010 she found her 'mortality motivation' after she had a golf-ball-sized brain tumor. In 2017, she had a giant aneurysm (Size of an orange) and a second smaller one on her splenic artery which also could have ended her life. She ended up losing her spleen and part of her pancreas in the process of the emergency surgery.


Though these experiences she learned how important life is and SO much more.

In the community, Roseanne Service has been involved in starting a non-profit Drum & Bugle core to help keep kids off the streets of Phoenix in 2001-2004.


She has been a PTO president and currently serves as an Assistant District Commissioner in the Boy Scouts of America.


She recently received the BSA's two highest District honors,  "Award of Merit" and "Scouter of the Year."


She also admins the national Facebook pages "LDS Scout Leaders" and "Uplift Community of Faith".

She has trained many Scout Leaders of many faiths all over Arizona. She was featured twice on LDS BSA relations website. She has been on the youtube channel, Saint Unscripted. She has presented at Time To Blossom Mother daughter conference.

Sis. & Bro. Service own a sign and embroidery business, Americraft Sign Company, which has thrived for 15 years. They volunteer to play Santa & Mrs. Claus for several wards, schools and non-profits foster adopt agencies. They have 5 children, one on a mission in Boise, Idaho.

She enjoys being a team mom for sports like junior high football (which she has done at least 1000 times.) She also enjoys Service puns and jokes as required by marriage into such an AWESOME name!

Her life has been spent constantly needing and relying on the strengthening, directing and lifting power of prayer & blessings from our Heavenly Father. Personal revelation, service, keeping a journal and living in thanksgiving daily are common themes in her talks. Her book will be out by the winter of 2019.



Service is the vehicle in which the Lord accomplishes His work!