Saved from the Abyss



 "The abyss" is basically despair beyond words and has many ways to trap people.


It could be depression, anxiety, loneliness, PTSD,  infertility, abuse and more.

Sadly, all too many find the abyss through sins like

Pornography & Sexual Abuse.

What if I told you that sexual urges are important to life on earth?

What if I told you that you should not just ignore urges from your body?

In this very special talk I bring with me a very special guest (or 2) as we discuss the topic of overcoming pornography and sexual abuse.

We also discuss warning signs and basic cycles in our bodies. We also cover what steps we need to

take to protect our children, spouses and ourselves. We discuss the victim/survivor philosophy. 

This very delicate discussion is BEST FOR PARENTS or parents and youth over 12 years of age.

We need our Saviors healing a protective powers if we want to conquer Satan and become:

Guardians of the Hearth!


Did you know that the First Presidency chose to announce the proclamation on the family

in a general Relief Society meeting?


After President Hinckley read it, he provided a clue as to why.

You are the guardians of the hearth.

You are the bearers of the children.

You are they who nurture them and establish within them the habits of their lives.

No other work reaches so close to divinity as does the nurturing

of the sons and daughters of God.