parenting is easy peasy ...said no one ever



Strong willed kids? Picky kids? Quiet, loud, or grumpy kids?


Don't fret these are the BEST kind of kids!


Well, I have all of those and more! I was once told that I was a bad mom. I was once kicked out of play group. I made it my mission to prove the world was wrong about me and my parenting. I learned and grew and I discovered many spiritual truths.

  • Having faith helps us to believe in our children and stop struggling in fear.

  • Having diligence keeps us constantly teaching them.

  • Having honesty with tact helps us open up and draw them to us.

  • Having firm but kind demeanor helps them to accept the rules and consequences.

  • Teaching them to love one another is about building!!


But I have to ask you some HARD questions:


Do you as a parent really love your child and what does that look like?

Do you maximize your limited time with them? 

What do you do when they hurt your feelings?

Do you model the behavior you wish to see?

Do you build or destroy in your corrections with them?

It's time we set them up to win!!


Raising Resiliency