To Tell Or Not To Tell...

Santa-fession time: My parent's didnt teach me the "Santa is coming" thing. To me, Santa was a fictional icon that I balked at my whole life and that is not something easily dismissed as one becomes a mom. "Why lie to kids?", I would say. "I want them to trust me, always."

One day, I started doing research about who Saint Nicholas was. He lived so long ago that there isn't much records. But from what we do have it appears that he was a good Christian and a real person. I believe he loved being a secret Santa (so to speak). And so, I made my peace with Santa and eventually even became his wife 😉 lol ...spreading the joy of Christmas.

With that being said... **❗bomb drop❗ ** We didn't nurture a magical Santa belief.

Oh No! Did I suck the fun and magic out of thier lives!?!? ⁉️

Well, we became the real deal, northpole in Arizona.🌵 We became The Claus family. My children got to BECOME actual Santa's elves!

🤔Uhm, Sister Service, excuse me, not every family can become a Santa family. ➡️I hear ya, I get that. 🎅🤶

My point is that there might be MORE magic in our lives because we thought slightly outside the box. We love Santa, we are Santa and there is nothing to fabricate about that and everyone is happy. 🎄😘

The path of Christ is good will to all men and peace on earth. We hope that by having fun in this way our service brings a smile to people's faces.

So incase all of that wasn't don't have to do what everyone else in our society does.


Sincerely, -Mrs.Claus 🎅🤶

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