Destined For Greatness

I wrote this phrase in my journal one night

as a young teen.

Somehow my wonderful leaders were able to sneak this thought into my heart.

It' a message everyone needs to hear and believe.


Think about that scene, where Jesus stands near a weeping Mary and she thinks He is the gardener.

She is torn apart to find the empty tomb.

I think about what might have been going through her mind.

I wonder if she was upset that after all that her dear friend and savior, Jesus, had suffered

not even his body was sacred. It had been stolen. 

In that moment of despair, think how close He actually was.


He was right next to her.

Here is the quiet truth hidden in this biblical scene. He is close to us but we don't see or recognize Him.

He is nearer than we think, especially in our despairing moments when we think this world is the cruelest place anyone can imagine.

I have felt that way before, in 8th grade. During this time, I was enduring intense bullying. Two boys would wait for me and throw rocks as I rode my bike by. I was called names at school. It was more than awful. It's hard to describe that feeling of worthlessness day after day. 

Then, I finally dropped out of school altogether. I told everyone I was going to be home schooled but I honestly just wasn't unable or willing to go on any longer.

Luckily, I found my knees. I slowly began to realize because of good church young women's leaders that I did have worth. I began to pray every night diligently for ONE very specific thing, wisdom. 


I had an astonishing realization one day that I didn't have to be a victim.

I could be a survivor.

Its in those many quiet prayers I started seeing glimpses of Heavenly Father and Jesus being near. 


I finally decided to go back to school, this time it was high school....and luckily my trust in God's words that were given to me began to be realized and I began to make loads of friends. Life was good.


Sometimes our extremity is God's opportunity to teach us that He is closer than we can imagine and with Him we can overcome so much, even despair.

I wont forget that He held my hand during this and so many hard times in my life because I chose to look up when He said "Woman, why weepest thou? whom seekest thou?".

Sister Joy D. Jones recently said:

Thinking small about ourselves does not serve us well. Instead it holds us back.

In contrast, the Lord assures us that when we have virtuous thoughts, He will bless us with confidence, even the confidence to know who we really are.

Destined for Greatness!