Climbing to Higher Views








The new Ministering program is at the very heart of Christ's teachings.


After going through many scary/funny/horrible events I can tell you what works from the standpoint of


True Service

Elder Holland in a recent visit gave some council on this.

We have new questions we need to ask during our visits and 

change the way we view our work here upon the earth.

I will share with you the dream I had that involved

Pres. Utchdorf​ as I learned a very important truth.

Service is the vehicle in which the Lord accomplishes his work.

Ministering is the future of our progression.

There is a great activity I will share where we will all get a second to ask those important new questions to each other.

Ministering is the KEY to higher levels

of spiritual growth!

  1. Loving those we SERVE

  2. Studying the doctrines of Christ

  3. Being receptive to the Holy Ghost

  4. Inviting others to come unto Christ

We will see growth by:

Ministering in the Gospel